Who we are

MUREADRITTA was born in 2001 from the experience of Alberto Olivetto,founder of ENERGIAPURA and Piero Fabbris founder of MURPHY & NYE Sailmaker and Sailwear, with the aim of developing, in the textile district ofVeneto, the heart of MADE in ITALY, a production chain that would ensuresailing lovers and professionals innovative technical products for professional operators of the sea, especially suited to the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean.
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What we do

MUREADRITTA was the first to use the hollow fiber of polypropylene, polymer invented by Eng. Natta (which earned him the Nobel Prize), for the production of
fabrics developed by us to create trousers and other garments with physical characteristics such as lightness, quick drying, low thermal conductivity, antibacterial properties, superior to those made with other fibers. He has also developed ceramic fabrics for UV sun protection, the main cause of skin diseases.

MUREADRITTA products are constantly tested by athletes in sailingcompetitions
and by professional operators in the sector in their daily activities.

How do we do it

The experience acquired over decades of activities in the textile production
sector and knowledge of the nautical sector, allows MUREADRITTA to create
progressively innovative products, which increasingly guarantee comfort and safety with appropriate certifications.

Our main goal is to combine quality, safety and innovative capacity with a deep respect for the environment, the territory and the person.

Come lo facciamo
Come stiamo cambiando

What we want to became

MUREADRITTA is perfecting its GREEN ENERGY project which aims to eliminate
waste and carbon emissions to protect especially the life of our planet and future
generations, using recyclable and low environmental impact products such as
polypropylene, researching the development of fabrics and clothing from yarns
recycled as the polyester obtainable also from the recycling of plastic bottles.

Our motto is: “We are all in the same bottle”, thinking about how big is the pollution of plastic in the sea.

In the wind of

Our tangible responsibility towards the environment by creating products derived from recycling and recyclable: fabrics, labels, zippers, padding, each component is involved in this process of revitalization of matter.

This a continuous and virtuous path is created which eliminates waste and activates an authentic cycle of sustainability.

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